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Atari Announce A New Handheld, Mini Arcade & Home Console

Atari is set to launch a new console that pays homage to their classic systems, with pre-loaded games and modern features.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Enters Video Game Hall of Fame

The iconic fighting game has been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame for its impact on the industry and gaming culture.

Retro Gaming Popularity Soars During Pandemic and Lockdowns

As people spend more time at home, interest in retro gaming has skyrocketed, with classic titles and consoles in high demand.

Sega Genesis Mini Sells Over 1 Million Units Worldwide

Sega’s mini console, which includes 40 classic games, has been a hit with retro gaming fans, surpassing the one million sales mark.

Disney Announces Remake of Classic Aladdin Game

Disney has revealed plans to remake the beloved Aladdin video game from the 90s, bringing the classic title to modern platforms.

Announcement For Terminally Delayed Amico Console

The upcoming retro-inspired console from Intellivision, which promises family-friendly games and nostalgic appeal, has been delayed until next year.